About Open Data Florida

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn about the humans behind Open Data Florida


Open Data Florida is a civic organization dedicated to

improving Florida’s civic culture through the promotion of data transparency

and data analysis projects. Our main aims are to empower individuals to become

involved in the civic process, to promote economic opportunity and mobility,

and to create a better understanding of the political and social changes that

are occurring in Florida.


We believe that greater access to and an understanding of

public data can lead to greater citizen safety, more economic opportunity, and

a sense of civic duty and belonging.


We accomplish our aims through collaboration with other

stakeholders in our community to identify and understand the nature and

solutions to problems on the local level. We believe that change should come

not from the top-down but from the bottom-up. For people to become engaged they

must feel like they can understand and contribute. Data transparency and

fluency are key to this process.


With the Sunshine Laws, Florida has long been a leader in government

transparency. It is time to bring that tradition and commitment into the 21st

century. Florida’s public data should be made available via the Internet in

machine readable formats.  


Justin Gibbons, PhD

Justin is a computational biologist at the University of South Florida. He earned his PhD apply genomics approaches to understand drug resistance in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Some of Justin’s latest research interests include how the microbiome effects health outcomes, using voter registration data to understand political and demographic changes occurring in Florida, and COVID-19. Justin’s non-data analysis hobbies and interests are weightlifting, tattoos and photography.

Devin Beverage

Devin is our Marketing Expert here at Open Data Florida. Devin is also the founder and growth strategist at DevBev&Co, a Digital Marketing Consultancy based in Tampa Florida. Devin’s non-marketing hobbies include fitness, writing, and stoic philosophy.